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Supervisory authorities

The competent supervisory authorities shall be informed within the prescribed time limits by telephone and in writing, if the standard verification  thresholds have been exceeded. In addition,  the supervisory authorities must also be informed in case of  detected contaminations, or if no handling of unsealed radioactive substances was indicated, if there is indication of backward radiation, if the dosimeter cannot be evaluated, and if the film badge dosimeter was exposed to radiation outside the cassette.  

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Disclosure of personal data

The official monitoring services in Germany are obligated to report regularly the determined personal doses to the competent supervisory authorities (see above) and to the Radiation Protection Register within the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (personal data and dose values). According to the radiation protection (german only) and x-ray regulations (german only), the directive on requirements for official personal monitoring services allows them to share personal data and information on dose values even with the statutory accident insurance, insofar, as is necessary for the fulfilment of their duties.