About us

Customer Support & Marketing

Source: Auswertungsstelle, Christian Treumer

The working group Customer Support and Marketing (head of team: Christian Treumer) is your first point of contact, if you want to order dosimeters and for all issues regarding your order, DosiCon or DosiNet.

In addition to the customer phone support and maintenance of the online services DosiNet and DosiCon, the Customer Service is also responsible for the preparation of trade fairs, our website and for external customer communication.

If you have any questions regarding our products, or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service.

Technical Support

Source: Auswertungsstelle, Christian Treumer

The technical support team under the direction of group leader Erika Mende and currently acting group leader Dr. Matthias Greiter ensures smooth and correct operating conditions in all processes from a technical perspective, i.e. they are responsible for machine maintenance and trouble shooting.

In addition, the working group is involved in the development of future dosimetry systems and leads automatization effords.

Work Group IT

Source: Auswertungsstelle, Christian Treumer

The IT working group headed by Monika Kammerer is responsible for all hardware and software systems involved in the processing and archiving your data

Dosimetry and Calibration

Source: Auswertungsstelle, Christian Treumer

The working group Dosimetry and Calibration comprises whole body and partial body dosimetry, local and environmental dosimetry and radon dosimetry. Under the direction of Dr. Herbert Hödlmoser (seventh fr. r.s.) all types of dosimeters are evaluated. Furthermore, the working group operates calibration facilities (secondary standards) to test and calibrate the dosimetry systems and thus ensures the traceability of all dose readings to national standards.

In addition to the evaluation of the dosimeters and the calibration and quality control of the measuring systems, new dosimetry systems are being developed and characterised in close cooperation with the technical department.

Work Group Finance

The team finance, headed by Agnieszka Sikorska, is responsible for accounting, billing and purchasing. In addition to customer billing, the team carries out the processing of incoming invoices for goods and services as well as the preparation of AWST's procurement processes.

The team is happy to support and advise you on all financial issues in case of questions concerning your invoice.  

Quality Management

Source: Auswertungsstelle, Christian Treumer

The team quality management consists of Dr. Thomas Haninger (right side) and the team leader Edwin Ulbricht (left side). They are in charge of supervising the processes, controlling acts of corrections, analyzing problems, testing the equipment and documenting intern processes. Most important for the group is to continually improve the quality of tests and processes.


Source: Auswertungsstelle, Christian Treumer

The logistics team of the AWST is responsible for the timely shipping of dosimeters and dose reports. Lead by Elvis Mujakovic the team receives and unpacks dosimeters returning from the customers and feeds them to the readout processes.

Furthermore, the team operates the film development lab and OSL readout systems.