Whole body dosimetry

The electronic personal dosimeter (EPD)

For the personal surveillance of pregnant women according to paragraph 41 (5) of the Radiation Protection Ordinance and paragraph 31a (4) of the X-Ray Ordinance (german only) with a reduced weekly occupational monitoring period, we issue electronic personal dosimeters (EPD) on a loan basis. The electronic dosimeter (EPD ® Mk2 type) we offer our customers is calibrated and type-approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). This is required for all measurements carried out according to the radiation protection and X-ray regulations. The rental fee can be found in the current price list.

The EPD is currently not approved for the official dosimetry according to the radiation protection and X-ray regulations. For the official dosimetry, passive dosimeters (film badges, thermoluminescent dosimeters [albedo], OSL) are used exclusively. 

Restricted field of application

In the direct beam of pulsed radiation fields (X-ray, accelerators), the dose rate in the pulse may be much higher than 1 Sv / h. In this case, the dosimeter is not suitable because it can lead to a significant underestimation of the dose. In the scattered beam and when worn under a lead apron, the dose rate values are generally in the range of the dosimeter.

The responsibility for the use of an electronic dosimeter at a specific workplace lies strictly with the competent radiation protection officer who must check and approve the use at the particular workplace. Dosimeters are only issued if the order form signed by the radiation protection officer is sent back to the Official Personal Dosimeter Service.

More information on the monitoring of pregnant women and electronic personal dosimeters (german only) are available in our download area.