Dosimetry Online

DosiNet, the online dosimetry service!

With DosiNet we offer you new and modern ways of electronic exchange with the us, the Monitoring Service. Using the software DosiNet made available to customers free of charge, the flow of information between you and the Monitoring Service is more simple and transparent. As a registered customer (form german only), you can access your data and make changes in real-time within our management system. You can also view and edit your dosimetric data, for example your delivery status or your evaluation reports with just a few clicks. 

How does it work?

If you have signed up in writing, we will set up an account for you.  We will send you your user ID and password so that you can download the free software DosiNet.

Here you can find more information about the terms and conditions of DosiNet as well as the registration process.

With DosiNet you can:

  • have real-time access to your data on the monitoring service system
  • register new people for monitoring or cancel existing accounts
  • change or update personnel master data (e.g. name changes, changes of monitoring purposes, information on the occupational category and type of radiation)
  • perform the assignment of dosimeters to individuals
  • carry out relevant changes in the application area
  • change and update site master data.
  • Changes are processed immediately during working routine by the monitoring service. 

Technical information about DosiNet

DosiNet is a Java application for the direct communication with the dosimetry management system of the monitoring service (STRADOS 2).

DosiNet is based on Java 1.6 runtime environment (JRE), which is included and bundled accordingly during installation. The bundled JRE is only copied to the file system during installation, so that no changes shall be made to the system or the existing Java settings.

DosiNet starts with the supplied runtime environment.

No administration rights are required for the installation of DosiNet.

Communication between DosiNet and STRADOS 2 takes place via the HTTPS protocol, an encrypted connection on the standard port 443.

On its own, DosiNet does not store data from the management system on the customer’s computer on which it is running. A special backup of the computer or the program is not necessary.